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Mateusz Damięcki – film, theatre and TV series actor, passionate traveller

Born in 1981 in Warsaw. Professional actor, in 2004 he graduated from The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw (Akademia Teatralna) following in his family footsteps. Not only his sister and father, but also his uncle- Damian Damięcki and cousin- Grzegorz Damięcki pursue their acting careers. His parental grandparents- Irena Damięcka-Górska and Dobiesław Damięcki- practised the profession too.

He debuted as a child in 1991 in a TV series “WOW” by Jerzy Łukaszewicz and “Being Forty. Twenty Years Later” („Czterdziestolatek- 20 lat później”) – the sequel of a comedy series by Jerzy Gruza. The first full-length feature production he starred in was “The Hunter. Final Scuffle” („Łowca- Ostatnie starcie”) by Jerzy Łukaszewicz (1993). He played Anna Romantowska’s son in a hit TV series “Mothers, wives and lovers” („Matki, żony i kochanki”) by Juliusz Machulski (1995). His appearance in the series sequel three years later marked the end of his performances as a child actor.

Mateusz Damięcki’s adult career started in 1999 when he played in the Russian-French costume film “Captain’s Daughter” based on Pushkin’s prose, partnering Karolina Gruszka. In 2001, he acted in the film adaptation of Stefan Żeromski’s “The Spring to Come” („Przedwiośnie”) by Filip Bajon.

The years that followed brought new roles on the big screen – in Polish as well as international productions. In 2004, he appeared in the celebrated film “Karol. The man who became pope”. („Karol. Człowiek, który został papieżem”) directed by Giacomo Battiato, in which he acted the part of the main hero’s friend. In 2007, he appeared on the big screen playing one of his favourite parts in Michał Kwieciński’s “Tomorrow, We’re Going to the Movies” („Jutro idziemy do kina”), featuring the eve of the outbreak of World War II. He met twice with Dominik Matwiejczyk, the famous Polish off-cinema director: on the set of the comedy “Short hysteria of time” („Krótka histeria czasu”) with Kamilla Baar (2005) and “Black” („Czarny”), in which he performed together with his drama school mate Michał Żurawski, who played the name part (2008). For his role in “Black”, Mateusz was distinguished in the independent cinema competition on Gdynia Film Festival 2009 and he received the Jan Machulski Polish Independent Cinema Award for Best Actor in 2010. In 2009, he appeared in the star-cast directorial debut of Jacek Lusiński “Pixels”(„Piksele”) co-starring Anna Cieślak, Olga Bołądź, Bartłomiej Topa, Andrzej Grabowski and Adam Ferency. Mateusz had an opportunity to use his dancing skills and experience gathered in the TV show “Dancing with the Stars” (2007), in which he got to the semi-finals, on the set of the famous musical production “Love and Dance” („Kochaj i Tańcz”) by Bruce Parramore, co-starring Izabella Miko (2009). In 2011, he acted in the German war melodrama “Remembrance” („Zagubiony czas”/ “Die Verlorene Zeit”), directed by Anne Justice, partnering Alice Dwyer as the main hero.

Mateusz featured main heroes in popular TV series, such as: “The Officer” („Oficer”) by Maciej Dejczer (2004-2005), “Life Exam” („Egzamin z życia”) (2005-2008) and “Now or Never!” („Teraz albo nigdy!”) (2008-2009) and has made a number of appearances in TV series in top Polish TV channels- TVP, Polsat and TVN, such as: “Cops” („Policjanci”) in 1999, “Camera Cafe” in 2004, “Pension under the Rose” („Pensjonat pod Różą”) in 2004, “Hela in Trouble” („Hela w opałach”) in 2006, “The Delivery Man” („Doręczyciel”) in 2008, “Presbytery” („Plebania”) in 2009, “Hotel 52” in 2010, “Agata’s Law” („Prawo Agaty”) in 2013, “On the Edge” („Na krawędzi”) in 2012-2014, “So sweet” („Sama słodycz”) in 2014, “For better and for worse” („Na dobre i na złe”) in 2003 and 2014-2015 and “Bodo” in 2016. In 2015, he starred in the Russian comedy series „Kak ja stał Ruskim” for CTC channel as an American journalist. In 2017 a new series “Recipe for love” (working title) is scheduled to air, with Mateusz along with Barbara Kurdej-Szatan as a co-star.

He took part in educational programmes “Saved world” („Ocalony świat”) in 2014 and “The map of a disappearing world” („Mapa ginącego świata) in 2016.

One of his most famous dubbing roles is the role of Christopher Robin in a Disney children TV series “The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” („Nowe przygody Kubusia Puchatka”) (1988-1991). He also lent his voice to Hiccup („Czkawka”) – a nice Viking in the DreamWorks’ production “How to Train Your Dragon” („Jak wytresować smoka”) and Sam Wilson/ Falcon in „Captain America: Winter Soldier” („Kapitan Ameryka: Zimowy Żołnierz”).

During his studies at the Academy of Dramatic Arts Mateusz Damięcki performed at Teatr Nowy in Warsaw, where he played the leading part in “Kordian Damięcki 2002” directed by Adam Hanuszkiewicz (2002). In 2004-2006, he worked for Teatr Współczesny in Warsaw, playing, inter alia, Manabozo Great Hare (Manabozo Wielki Zając) in “Transfer” by Maciej Englert and Widoplasow in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Your Excellency” („Wasza Ekscelencja”) directed by Izabela Cywińska. Other important roles include Andy Dufresne in “Shawshank Redemption” („Skazani na Shawshank”) directed by Sebastian Chondrokostas (2011) and Celina Maczek in “Trójka to power” („Trójka do potęgi”) directed by Wojciech Malajkat (2012) in Teatr Syrena in Warsaw. Recently, he has been performing in “Good stag party”( „Dobry wieczór kawalerski”) directed by Piotr Nowak and Jan Jakub Należyty’s “Three Times in Bed” („Trzy razy łóżko”) directed by Piotr Dąbrowski in Teatr Komedia in Cracow and in “Stones in his pockets” („Kamienie w kieszeniach”) by Marion Jones, staged by Łukasz Witt-Michałowski on Scena Prapremier InVitro in Lublin. He made several appearances in plays for kids: “Hansel and Gretel” („Jaś i Małgosia”) and “A Christmas Carol” („Opowieść wigilijna”) directed by Paulina Andrzejewska, co-produced with Opera na Zamku in Szczecin. Since 2014, he has been playing the leading parts in “Eugene Onegin” („Oniegin”), the adaptation of Pushkin’s poem directed by Irena Jun in Teatr Studio and “Spank! 50 Shades of Grey” („Klaps! 50 twarzy Greya”), a parody of best-seller trilogy directed by John Weisgerber in Teatr Polonia of Krystyna Janda.

Since 2015 Mateusz Damięcki has been the coordinator of the series of free workshops for the youth “Masterclass – Filming School” which is a part of Film Festival CINEMAFORUM.

For many years, Mateusz has been a passionate traveller. In August 2009, along with his five friends, Mateusz went on a journey to Siberia. For 63 days they drove 25,000km in three Mercedes G cars. The Mercedes G, owned by the actor, which faced the challenges of tundra and taiga, was put up for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity auction (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy). At present, Mateusz is planning to travel around the world driving a Żuk- a light truck popular in Poland in the 1960s.


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